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September 6, 2022

Boat Rental Seychelles – The guide to rent a boat in Seychelles

Boat rental seychelles

You have long heard about the Seychelles and aspire to laze on its idyllic sandy beaches and by its turquoise waters? Now is the moment to dive into this adventure! 

This tropical archipelago, located in the western part of the Indian Ocean, boasts 115 paradisiacal islands, protected by a coral reef, and adorned with lush vegetation and abundant marine life. You can swim in numerous lagoons and bask in the beauty of fine sandy beaches. English, French, and Seychellois Creole are spoken in this former English colony, and the currency used is the Seychellois rupee. With its low crime rate, Seychelles is a safe destination that will only add to your attraction. So, what kind of excursions should you plan for your postcard-perfect holiday in Seychelles?

The Seychelles, a dream destination!

Boat rental seychelles turtle

If you’re looking for a dream destination, look no further than the Seychelles. Your journey will begin in Mahé, the archipelago’s largest and most breathtaking island, which is also home to the only international airport. The capital city, Victoria, surrounded by crystal-clear waters, is a haven for Creole villas and charming traditional houses, a bustling market, diving spots, and white sandy beaches. For a relaxing day by the sea, head to Beau Vallon, located just ten minutes away from Victoria, where you’ll find a long white sandy beach dotted with takamaka trees. And if you happen to be there on a Wednesday evening, make sure to visit the Labrine bazaar, where you can purchase artisanal items and sample the must-try grilled dishes.

Your all-inclusive trip to Seychelles can be extended east of Mahé to Praslin, a dream island that truly lives up to its nickname – paradise on earth. The valley of Mai is home to a primary forest with protected fauna and flora, making it a nature lover’s paradise.Find also the protected cocotiers de mer trees, producing coconuts with curves so distinct that they are called coco fesse.

Praslin is also home to some of the Seychelles’ most beautiful beaches, including Anse Lazio. This beach is easily recognizable by its sandy carpet, adorned with large black rocks, and where the sea in various shades of blue gently laps at the shore. Additionally, Praslin has remarkable spots for diving and snorkelling, such as the waters surrounding the island of Saint-Pierre, which boasts fine sandy beaches.

To indulge in more beach-hopping, head southeast of Praslin to La Digue, where you’ll find paradisiacal beaches like Anse Coco and Anse Source d’Argent, which are considered among the most beautiful in the world. For those who crave more nature escapes, Silhouette Island is a must-visit, located east of Mahé, and boasts a lush cloud forest perfect for hiking.

For wildlife enthusiasts, a trip further north to Bird Island is a must-do, as it is home to a significant bird community, and the famous Seychelles turtle named Esmeralda, which is over 170 years old and weighs almost 250 kg.

Overall, the Seychelles is an ideal all-inclusive getaway destination that offers the perfect blend of tropical paradise, natural wonders, and exotic wildlife.

What’s the best period to visit the Seychelles?

Boat rental Seychelles, Tropical season

The Seychelles experience a tropical climate, which means it’s hot all year round, with a dry season and a wet season. Temperatures in the Seychelles typically range between 24°C and 31°C. The best time to visit the Seychelles is during the European summer, as the weather conditions are optimal. Rainfall is scarce, and the temperature is not as high, making it more pleasant for activities like hiking. It’s also the season of whales and whale sharks, which can be seen mating and giving birth between August and October.

October is a perfect month for diving in the Seychelles’ paradise islands. However, the temperature starts to rise in September, and rainfall becomes more frequent. The weather in the Seychelles from December until February is not ideal for a vacation, especially sailing from island to island, as it is monsoon season.

Practical information for travelling to Seychelles

  • Administrative Documents

 French, Belgian, and Swiss nationals need a valid passport to enter Seychelles. A visa is not required, but you must present a return ticket and a hotel reservation.

  • Vaccines

While yellow fever vaccination is mandatory for Seychelles, it is highly recommended that travellers also update their vaccinations against hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, and measles.

  • Accommodation

 Seychelles has an array of luxurious resorts on the edges of lagoons. But there are also guesthouses, family-run hotels, and furnished rentals available for budget-conscious travellers.

  • Transportation

Mahé and Praslin have well-developed road networks, where rental cars, taxis, and buses can be used to explore the islands. Oxcarts are popular modes of transportation in La Digue. To travel between the islands, flying from Mahé is the most convenient but expensive option. Boats are also a great option to explore the islands. Renting a boat is ideal for those who want to explore the islands at their own pace. Cruises are also a fantastic way to explore the archipelago and get up close with the coral reefs.

Seychelles is a destination that promises tropical paradise, natural wonders, and exotic wildlife. With this practical information in mind, you can plan your Seychelles trip with ease and peace of mind.

Where to go: Maldives, French Polynesia or Seychelles?

boat rental seychelles, flight

Are you planning a honeymoon trip to Seychelles, Maldives, the Caribbean islands or French Polynesia? But how do you choose the most romantic destination? These three destinations are famous for their paradise and exotic settings. However, if you want a tailor-made trip that combines escapes in preserved nature and relaxing breaks by the sea, then Seychelles is THE paradise to consider. Their substantial terrestrial natural heritage is unparalleled, even when compared to the Maldives, an archipelago also located in the Indian Ocean. However, the richness of marine life in both destinations is equivalent. The Maldives are best visited during the European winter, while Seychelles is ideal in the summer period, for beach vacations or cruises.

French Polynesia, on the other hand, is a Pacific destination that is much farther away, requiring a 19-hour flight from Paris compared to 9 to 14 hours for a Paris-Seychelles flight. Although it has beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, they are far from the capital Papeete. The nature is also less diverse than in Seychelles, but there is a vast selection of water activities to enjoy, including surfing, diving, catamaran rides, kayaking, and more.

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